Affordable Housing – 10% Cash Grant

Eligible affordable housing projects qualify for funding assistance in the form of a cash grant of up to 10% of the total project costs from the City of Saskatoon. Any affordable rental project that is provided on a non-profit basis is eligible to receive a 5-year abatement of the incremental increase in property taxes. Housing providers must apply to the Planning and Development Branch to be considered for the above incentives in 2018.

The City will consider project proposals for support in principle. Please provide as much information as possible at the time of your application, using attachments where necessary. Letters of support from partner organizations in the community are encouraged.

The City of Saskatoon welcomes proposals from organizations addressing a wide range of housing issues in our community.  The Cityencourages submissions from both experienced and new project developers, however, only project located within the city limits will be considered.

The City of Saskatoon provides funding for project development but will not consider applications for operational funding.

Application form