232 people noted in Regina homeless count

CBC news, July 21,2015- A survey conducted in Regina on May 13 found 232 people living a homeless life, according to a preliminary report on the count.

Organized by the YMCA with support from a number of agencies, the survey provides a point-in-time overview of homelessness in the city.

"It provides a current snapshot of our overall homeless population and enables us to examine how this population changes over time," a statement provided with the release of the preliminary results Tuesday said. "The count helps us better understand the scope of street homelessness and shelter use in Regina."

Among the key findings identified in the report:

  • People on the street: 28.
  • People in an emergency shelter: 126.
  • People in transitional housing: 62.
  • People in a detox facility: 16.

The enumerators who did the homeless count also conducted a survey with many of the people they encountered and the report noted the following highlights:

  • 37 per cent were children under 18.
  • 64 per cent were male.
  • 75 per cent were Aboriginal.
  • 28 per cent were new to Regina.
  • 80 per cent self-reported medical conditions (such as ill-health, an addiction or a mental health condition).

A full report on the findings of the count is expected to be released in the fall.

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