City launches website for shaping booming Saskatoon

By Thomas Piller, Global News, February 4, 2014 - SASKATOON - The city announced on Tuesday the launch of a new website to shape a booming Saskatoon. “The Growing Forward! website is mobile-friendly and is the first step to providing ample opportunities for people to have their say about their future,” says Alan Wallace, the city’s director of planning and development.

The website is a specific public planning initiative to help guide investments to accommodate a rapidly growing city.

According to the city, growth trends indicate that it will grow to 500,000 Saskatonians in the next three to four decades.

Growing forward will build on a strong foundation of past achievements and public input. It will look at ways to improve movement around Saskatoon while making sure growth within the city remains sustainable.

The project will address three key elements: shaping growth, shaping transit and shaping bridges.

It is the next step after completing Saskatoon Speaks in 2011 to begin implementing some of the input received. The community visioning exercise allowed people to identify their visions and priorities.

Based on the feedback and direction from council, the Bridge City is now embarking on a journey to apply what was heard.

“The input we get from the website will be incorporated into the City’s Growth Plan to Half a Million,” said Wallace.

The growth plan is expected to create more options for citizens to move around the city while making it easier to work, shop and play closer to home.

A public event will be held on Feb. 25 at TCU Place to start discussions.

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