Cold weather homelessness on agenda in Regina: City has strategy to ensure everybody gets a bed

CBC News December 19, 2013 - Temperatures are plunging and cold weather homelessness is on the agenda at Regina City Hall today. A cold weather strategy is due to be discussed Thursday afternoon as part of the mayor's housing commission.

A report to the commission says emergency shelters were full last winter and some had to turn away homeless people.

As a temporary solution, the United Way gave money to the Salvation Army to buy supplies and equipment to help them get through the season.

This winter, a cold weather strategy is in place. The purpose is to ensure service providers work together so everyone has shelter in a safe place on cold nights in Regina.

Any front line worker who finds somebody in need of shelter is expected to take steps to ensure that the person gets a warm place to sleep that night.

The temperature in Regina was -25 C on Thursday morning, but with the wind factored in, it felt like it was around -34.

The cold weather strategy is in effect from Nov. 1 to March 31, but can be extended depending on the weather.

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