Committee backs four projects

The StarPhoenix January 15, 2014 - Four affordable housing projects got $461,198 worth of support Tuesday from city councillors.

The city's planning and operations committee approved requests for funding for projects representing 28 units and accounting for more than half of the city's $878,000 budget for affordable housing projects this year.

The projects include:

Cress Housing Corporation seeks $224,948 topurchase and renovate an apartment building at 212 Lindsay Place in Greystone Heights to convert it to 12 units of transitional rental housing for people at risk of becoming homeless.

The Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre (EGADZ) wants $140,250 to buy and renovate a building at 600 Queen Street in City Park to convert it to a 10-unit transitional rental home for mothers and their children.

Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon wants $60,000 to finish a four-unit affordable housing project at 119 Ave. S South in Pleasant Hill.

The Central Urban Metis Federation Inc. (Cumfi) seeks $36,000 to buy and renovate a duplex at 601 Avenue O in Westmount and convert it to transitional housing for low-income families.

Representatives from the organizations who were present at Tuesday's committee meeting said they were pleased with the level of support they are receiving from the city.

City council must still approve the spending.

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