Homeless Count Finds 450 People on the Streets

-Local News, August 19, 2015. A new count on homelessness in Saskatoon has found 450 people are on the streets without someone to rely on for a shelter on occasion.

Volunteers surveyed homeless people outside and in shelters June 22nd, finding the largest ethnicity was Aboriginal, nearly two thirds of homeless people were male and 45 per cent of people were between 26 and 49 years old.

In 2012, a survey found 372 people were homeless in the city, but co-lead of the project Isobel Findlay says there were some changes from that survey three years ago. Those include asking about attitudes, perceptions and understanding of homelessness, receiving more information and finding more people that are "hidden homeless" or couch surfers.

Findlay says one of the most striking statistics to her was that 77 per cent of the public they talked to believe homelessness is a serious issue.

Among this year's statistics, 45 children are homeless, up from 11 in 2012.

She says their one-day statistics are an underestimate of the total homeless population, based on resources and the "hiddenness" of homelessness.

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