Homeless underwear campaign stops in Saskatoon

By Thomas Piller, Global News September 27, 2013 - SASKATOON - The cross-country underwear drive “GotGinch/Need Knickers” is once again delivering underwear to homeless shelters across Canada and made its fourth stop in Saskatoon. Boxes of brand new underwear were unloaded at the Bridge Fellowship Centre on 20th Street Thursday morning.

“It really does make a big difference in the lives of the people here,” said Sarah Enns, from the Bridge Fellowship Centre.

“It gives dignity, it gives them a sense that they can go out and they can make positive choices.”

Four thousand pairs of men’s ginch and 1,000 pairs of knickers for women are being delivered at each of the ten stops on the cross-country tour.

“We spent the whole year raising money for this, going to friends, family and business associates asking for donations,” said GotGinch founder Brent King.

“We purchased the underwear, but this is the fun part, this is where we get to bring it and see the reaction of people as we do that.”

The team is driving over 7,000 kilometres from Vancouver to Halifax in an RV.

Over 190,000 pairs of underwear have been delivered in the last five years.

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