Man with muscular dystrophy won't give up on getting his home back

CTV Saskatoon July 26, 2013 - Despite being locked out of his house last week, Herman Ardnt hasn’t given up his fight to keep it.

He’s been living in his truck ever since, keeping watch over the house he’s lived in for 25 years.

“My neighbour Irene has supplied me with meals and a place to use washroom facilities,” Ardnt said. The support from his neighbour has been incredible, he added.

Ardnt’s attempts to contact MLA’s for help advocating on his behalf have failed. “The minister of social services in a month has not felt it’s an important enough situation to contact me,” he said.

Social Services said they can’t comment on specific cases.

There’s been an outpouring of support from friends and neighbours helping clear the property. According to one neighbour, it shouldn’t have to be up to the community to help Ardnt in his time of need.

“Social Services should’ve helped this guy out well over five years ago. He’s trying to be independent, he’s trying to do his hobby with a little bit of work on the side, but they failed him miserably,” said John Michaluk, one of Ardnt’s neighbours.

Ardnt is clinging to the hope that the Calgary mortgage company that foreclosed on his home will sell it back to the family and friends who have offered to buy it on his behalf. However, friends and family said the price increased from $135,000 to upwards of $200,000 within a few months.

Richard Hoffman from 1st and 2nd Mortgage Company said the price hasn’t gone up exponentially. “I’m a business man and his neighbours would like to help him out and help themselves at the same time,” Hoffman said.

The price of the home is a difficult reality for supports to accept, and for now Ardnt has no solution except to sit and wait.

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