New affordable homes for Métis families in Winnipeg

My, Dec 11, 2015 - A multi-year partnership between the Manitoba government and the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) has resulted  in three safe, affordable homes in Winnipeg.

“Every family wants a place to call their own, where they can grow together and create connections to the broader community,” said Housing and Community Development Minister Mohinder Saran.  “Through a unique and historic partnership with MMF, we’ve made this a reality for three families.  This is a great start and we look forward to helping create even more affordable homes for Métis families.”

Each of the homes in the new triplex at 132 Hallet St. are approximately 1,000 square feet and have three bedrooms.  Families and their children moved into their new homes in August.

“There are many hardworking and taxpaying individuals and families who, despite saving and planning, find themselves unable to find suitable housing,” said David Chartrand, President of MMF.  “This project is the first of housing initiatives that will ensure safe, secure and affordable homes with high-quality materials and lasting construction.”

The Manitoba government provided more than $600,000 as part of a five-year, $5.5-million commitment to support high-quality and affordable housing for Métis families throughout the province.  The MMF is now pursuing two new housing projects in Brandon, which will result in four affordable family homes, the minister said.

In 2014, the Manitoba government fulfilled its commitment to fund 1,500 new affordable homes over five years.  Following the completion of that commitment, the government committed to create another 500 affordable and 500 social homes throughout the province.  The homes on Hallet Street represents part of the province’s commitment to creating more affordable housing.

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