Ottawa, province pledge millions to boost social housing in Saskatchewan

CBC News, July 7, 2016 - A new agreement between Ottawa and the government of Saskatchewan will shore up funding for affordable and low-income housing in communities across the province.

On Thursday federal MP Ralph Goodale joined Minister of Social Services Donna Harpauer to announce a multi-million-dollar investment for housing projects in Saskatchewan.

Money will be spent on affordable housing for seniors, building and renovating emergency shelters and transitional housing as well as upgrading existing social housing to improve energy and water efficiency.

The funding, shared between the two levels of government, will be spent over the next two years and has been promised for a variety of housing needs.

"When I go door to door the quality and availability of housing is always the number one issue," Goodale said Thursday. "We're doing more than just putting a roof over their heads, we're helping to build a foundation for broader social and economic success for those families."

Harpauer said funding will help the province move forward on a number of initiatives aimed at eliminating homelessness and poverty.

"Right now we're focusing on affordability and having services for those most vulnerable," Harpauer said. "Housing is going to be a key response to our disabilities strategy, the mental health and addictions action plan and the poverty reduction strategy."

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