Regina ponders future population of 500,000

CBC News June 10, 2013 - Regina City Council is expected to vote tonight on a controversial plan that could lead to annexing large chunks of a neighbouring rural municipality. Councillors will be asked to endorse a long-term growth plan that projects a population of 500,000.

The city says to meet that, it needs to expand its boundaries to include part of the RM of Sherwood.

The RM, meanwhile, says it needs that land for its own growth plan. Officials with the RM say they were shocked when the city announced its annexation proposal.

The idea of building a city that can hold 500,000 people has also been controversial in the city, which currently has a population of about 200,000.

Some homebuilding companies say the city is on the right track, but other delegations have appeared at city hall to say the city isn't going to grow that big even decades from now.

Regina councillors are also expected to approve a comprehensive housing strategy tonight.

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