Saskatchewan groups seek affordable housing ideas

April 9, 2013 - More than 100 non-profit housing groups are in Saskatoon this week, brainstorming ideas and learning from experts about how to meet the province's growing demand for housing.

"Non-profit organizations don't generally have the opportunity to network with each other," said Dianne Baird, executive director of the Housing Network with the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.

"It's really important for them to discuss the issues that are facing them and other people so they can come up with joint solutions rather than coming up with everything in isolation," Baird added.

The groups are focused on affordable housing — a major problem in Saskatchewan, where rents continue to rise and vacancy rates remain low.

"I think we would all like the province to put in more money," said Malba Holliday, executive director of Salvation Army Community Services in Saskatoon, but adds, "It doesn't just have to be money."

"We're looking at not just building, but how do we help people sustain their lives in this process," Holliday said.

The first province-wide forum on affordable housing wraps up on Wednesday.

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