Saskatoon development project sees 40 new affordable housing units

November 16, 2012 - The first of 40 new, affordable housing units found it’s foundation today at Heartford Heights in the Blairmore neighbourhood — a project that has financial backing from the municipal, provincial and federal governments. “This achievement brings hope to residents who need quality, affordable housing that meets their needs,” said Kelly Block, MP for Sasktoon-Rosetown-Biggar, at the ceremonial craning.

The development will see 20 of the 40 rental units made available for families with low to moderate income.

Heartford Heights is a good example how governments can work together to provide safe housing for Saskatchewan families, said June Draude, Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.

“I know that as we go forward we will have a need for partnerships, not just in Saskatoon but across the entire province,” said Draude.

Cost of affordable housing

The total cost of the development is approximately $7.2 million, with $2 million coming in equal parts from the federal and provincial governments, going towards 20 affordable units. The city is contributing $360,000 and the remainder of the cost will be covered by Innovative Residential Inc., a local development company geared towards building affordable homes for families in Saskatchewan.

The units

While 20 of the 40 will be made available at market rental prices, the 20 designated for lower income families can see rent reduced by as much as $417 per month, which is about $700 to $800 per month.

“There’s two different styles of units,” said Tyler Mathies, co-founder and CEO of Innovative Residential Inc.. “There’s 2 bedroom, 760 square foot units…and there’s also 3 bedroom, 1254 square foot units that also come with a single detached garage.”

Mathies said the company is looking to build more units, which will be similar in style, in all areas of the city.

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