U of S students go homeless for a good cause

CTV News, Monday March 10, 2014 - Spring has arrived just in time for a group of University Saskatchewan students who are giving up the luxuries of home life for five days. The annual 5 Days for the Homeless campaign began on March 9th.

The five participants will be living and sleeping outside on the U of S campus until March 14th, collecting donations for The Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre, or EGADZ.

“They help support the youth and have a support system for them,” says 5 Days participant Matt Brennan. “They can go to hang out, talk, and take part in all the different programs they have there.”

The participants will only be able to go inside to attend their classes and work on assignments. They are also only allowed to eat food that is donated, and must give up personal electronic devices.

Donation bins are set up around the campus, and are also being accepted online. This year their goal is to raise $15,000 for EGADZ.