Vital Signs report covers everything from health to housing in Saskatoon

-Saskatoon Community Foundation report covers vital stats in accessible way- CBC News, Oct 08, 2015-

Want to know what the crime severity index is in Saskatoon? What about the number of homeless people in the city?

The Saskatoon Community Foundation's Vital Signs report has all the answers.

The report, filled with colourful graphics, is meant to give people in the city a quick sense of important issues in their community.

"What we've got here is an easy to look at digest across all these different categories that affect quality of life," said foundation spokesperson Don Ewles. "The idea is to have a conversation with individual citizens, donors, charities that work in our community."

The foundation took its information from Statistics Canada, the City of Saskatoon and community research groups.

According to the report, there are 450 homeless people in Saskatoon right now, including 45 children.

Affordable housing also continues to be a serious issue in the city. Right now, the average price of a home is over five times a person's annual salary, putting a purchase out of reach for many people.

"The median price of housing continues to go up and up," he said. "I've got young friends who didn't buy as soon as I did, who may not ever be able to afford one."

Ultimately, the foundation would like to hear back from the community about the report, and what people think of the statistics

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