Container Housing

Container housing technique converts shipping containers into steel framed modular structures. Container houses can be used for custom projects and currently popular among mining, oil & gas, construction and industrial markets.  Shipping container housing has been used as emergency and relief shelters around the world. Today, containers are developed by numerous construction companies and design studios to create different structures

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Shipping containers can be considered as an ideal building material due to its strength and durability. They are usually designed and built to carry heavy loads and to be stacked.  Due to their strength, they can be adapted for secure storage against external climatic influences such as rain, snow, sea water spay, fog and UV radiation. The containers can withstand extreme climatic stresses such as winter temperatures below freezing point, and humid temperate climates.

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Due to cost competitiveness, container housing has great possibility for building affordable housing.  As an example, the Canada’s first recycled shipping container social housing development has been built in Vancouver.

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