HPS Community Plan (2014-19)

The Saskatoon HPS Community Plan – 2014-2019 is a requirement for funding by the federal government HPS Program.  It will guide investments of nearly $5 Million of HPS funding allocated to Saskatoon over the next five years.

The Saskatoon HPS Community Plan was created through broad community consultation during 2014, and will be updated annually through continued community consultation, research and rigerous data gathering and analysis.

There are two sources of HPS funding for Saskatoon, the Designated Communities funding stream and Aboriginal Homelessness funding stream.

  • Designated Communities: $337,865 available annually.
  • Aboriginal Homelessness: $634,426 available annually.

The priorities of the community plan are:

  1. To reduce homelessness through a Housing First approach;
  2. To improve the self-sufficiency of homeless individuals and families and those at imminent risk of homelessness through individualized services;
  3. To preserve or increase the capacity of facilities used to address the needs of people who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness ;
  4. To ensure coordination of resources and leveraging; and
  5. To improve data collection and use.

Funding allocations by priority is as follows: