Neighborhood Home Ownership Program – Quint Development

The goal of the Neighborhood Home Ownership Program (NHOP) to provide low income families with access to affordable housing. Quint’s work through the NHOP provides an environment that fosters stable home-ownership within housing cooperatives.

The NHOP has enabled low-income families to achieve affordable and stable home-ownership within housing co-operatives in the five core neighbourhoods. Over the past fifteen years this program has assisted over 110 low-income families in their dreams of being homeowners. As of December 2010, 83 families have taken over title to their homes from the housing co-ops. Quint is still working to update the NHOP in this current housing market.

Contact Information

2nd Floor, St. Paul’s Nurses Residence
230 Avenue R South
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 2Z1

Phone: (306) 978-4041