Permit Rebates for Secondary Suites

To encourage the creation of new and the legalizing of existing secondary suites, the City will rebate permit fees for building, plumbing, and a portion of the Legalizing an Existing Suite (LES) Occupancy fee for completed secondary suites. If home owners havea spare room, City also encourage you to consider taking in a student as a boarder.

Homeowners who wish to obtain rebates of permit fees for the legalization of an existing secondary suite or the construction of a new secondary suite, must have a valid building permit or apply and be engaged with the LES process through the Community Standards Division.

You can apply for a 25% rebate on a Legalizing Existing Suite permit or 100% rebate on building and plumbing permits related to a secondary suite.

You may be eligible to receive funding from the Provincial Government through Secondary Suite program.

Application Form for Rebate of Permit Fees

Legalizing Existing Suites

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