Quint Developments – Affordable Rentals

Quint owns and manages a number of rental properties within the core neighbourhoods of Saskatoon (Riversdale, King George, Pleasant Hill, Caswell and Westmount).

Properties include:

  • Rental Apartments

    Paul Wilkinson Place (Avenue U South), Oskikamik (Avenue T South), and our newest on 522 Avenue J South.

    Our goal is to provide safe, affordable and quality rental suites. We operate the buildings under a family friendly initiative which provides tenants with opportunities to connect with one another and the community.

    Paul Wilkinson Place & Oskikamik offer common garden space. Paul Wilkinson Place includes a common space that provides tenants with access to computers, and has a privately operated daycare on site.

    1 & 2 bedroom units are available ranging from $460 to $600 per month.

  • Rental Homes

    Quint owns and manages 4 houses. They range from 2 to 5 bedroom homes and are available from $850.00 to $1025.00 per month

  • Condominium Rentals

    Quint owns and manages 8 condo suites within Pleasant Hill Village. The suites are brand new, energy efficient and located across the street from St. Mary Community School. The condos are the first phase of a larger revitalization plan that will see a new school being constructed with a wellness centre and new park space. 2 bedroom, 2 bedroom with den, and 2 bedroom with finished basement units are available from $900.00 to $950.00 per month

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