Saskatoon Housing and Homelessness Plan

The Saskatoon Housing and Homeless Plan covers the next funding phase (2011- 2014) of the Federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) administered through Service Canada. The purpose of the report is to build upon research conducted in 2007 identifying baselines and priorities for addressing the problems of people who find themselves homeless in Saskatoon, those who are at risk of losing their homes and the needs and challenges for affordable housing.

The report illustrates the main issues facing Saskatoon in terms of housing and homelessness gathered through a consultation process. Consultation included 24 in-depth interviews (majority of which were conducted in-person), 9 focus groups, an online bulletin board, a service provider survey and a general public survey. Where appropriate in the report, anonymous quotations and pictures are used to give further details on the concept being examined. In addition, an in-depth literature review was also conducted.

This report also details the complexity of homelessness and investigates who is homeless in Saskatoon, routes to homelessness, costs of homelessness and the community needs as gathered through the public consultations. The priorities for addressing homelessness and affordable housing are presented in this report as well as the indicators from which we can measure, in the future, our success in achieving these priorities.