Male Youth Lodge – Quint Development

Quint’s Male Youth Lodge provides transitional and emergency housing for young men. The Lodge offers safe, secure, housing for up to 10 young males between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. Whenever possible, the Lodge supports residents’ efforts with regard to education, training and employment and often works to link the male youth to education, training, and employment opportunities in Saskatoon.

The Lodge staff ensures that residents are comfortable, that they really think of this place as their home. All of the young men are supported in their efforts towards their goals of finishing school, training or employment. This home is truly about change for the young men.

With the assistance from an Advisory Committee, the Lodge staff provides individual and group training in basic life and employment skills. Basic life skills include training in areas such as:

  • nutrition
  • general hygiene
  • cooking
  • financial literacy
  • and support in dealing with issues such as anger or addictions.

Staff also are involved in preparing the youth for employment by ensuring a case plan for each participant is developed outlining:

  • skills
  • interests
  • education
  • training

To further assist the young men:

  • staff ensure each resident obtain valid ID and Social Insurance Number
  • involve the youth in role playing situations that depict job interviews
  • offer assistance with resume writing
  • offer assistance in job search
  • ensure that transportation to employment is not a concern.

Staff also provides links to community agencies involved in employment services such as Quint’s Core Neighbourhoods at Work program and the Canada Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services Centre. These are all necessary supports to ensure that the young men are successful in their education, training or employment aspirations.

Contact Information

Phone: (306) 987-4041