Not All Cities In On National Homeless Count

Saskatoon Homepage - Some cities are on board for the point-in-time homeless count and some, like the larger cities of Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, aren't.

You can add Saskatoon to that list, but for a different reason.
The former federal government unveiled the idea of a national count which the Liberal government is now continuing, but the Executive Director of the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership expects for the larger cities, it may be too rushed to coordinate for the time period allotted between now and the end of April.
Even for Saskatoon, Dyck says, it took 6 to 8 months to get it together with the volunteers needed, the training, working on the questions and the areas for the survey.
The reason Saskatoon isn't doing a homeless count is because it was just done last June, and it's believed the expense would be better served going to programming rather than another count that would yield similar results.
Dyck says they have sent those results to the government for their project, which is to identify who is homeless, what factors brought them to that state and the programming needs in the community.