Winter season could be cooling local housing market

By Amber Rockliffe, Global News March 25, 2013 - SASKATOON – Is bad weather causing a decline in Saskatoon home sales? While the winter has been wreaking havoc with flooded basements and roof collapses, all the snow may also be affecting the local real estate market.

Recent numbers from the Canadian Real Estate Association show overall sales are down in Saskatoon from the same time last year.

Century 21 Fusion realtor Hal Turner believes the seemingly endless winter has played its part in an urban real estate sales decline.

“I think absolutely the weather in the whole province has affected house sales. I think that traditionally, [in] spring, people want to get out in their car and have a look at all the open houses,” said Turner.

Last week, getting into cars and driving around was the last thing many residents wanted to do in Saskatoon.

Home sales have been down 12 per cent since January.

But Turner says despite the decline, real estate growth here remains exceptional.

“I think Saskatchewan is the envy of Canada, economically, and certainly in the housing industry, we are very very lucky.”

Though general real estate sales are down, the average Saskatoon home price is up by around six per cent.

In rural Saskatchewan, however, sales have increased by 20 per cent over last year.

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