Vacant Lot & Adaptive Reuse Incentive Program

The Vacant Lot & Adaptive Reuse Incentive Program is designed to encourage development on existing vacant or brownfield sites, and the reuse of vacant buildings in established areas of the city, including the Downtown, by providing financial and/or tax based incentives to owners of eligible properties.

Under the Vacant Lot & Adaptive Reuse Incentive Program, a Maximum Incentive Amount will be equivalent to the increment between the existing property taxes (city portion) and the taxes paid upon completion, multiplied by five years.

For more information, visit the City of Saskatoon Vacant Lot & Adaptive Reuse Strategy page.

Vacant Lot Inventory

As part of the Vacant Lot & Adaptive Reuse Strategy, the City of Saskatoon maintains a comprehensive inventory of undeveloped land, which also includes surface parking lots. All lands that fall into these "undeveloped" categories are considered vacant. 

The inventory includes the following information about vacant sites:

  • Civic Address 
  • Site Area 
  • Neighbourhood 
  • Zoning Designation 
  • Legal Land Description

The inventory is limited only to established neighbourhoods (infill sites only), and excludes any sites that are considered to be undevelopable (e.g. walkways, right-of-ways, and other residual parcels). The inventory also excludes all ownership information. This is to ensure compliance with federal and provincial privacy legislation. 

The public Vacant Lot Inventory is regularly updated following the internal update of the property use information as part of the property assessment cycle.

Vacant Lot Inventory 2017

Please note that the Vacant Lot Inventory comes with the following disclaimer:

The City of Saskatoon provides the following records for reference only. It is not intended as a list of properties for sale or as a development opportunity. Using available records at the time, the sites are assumed to have no permanent structures on them and the site may or may not be available or suitable for re-development purposes.

Not all properties listed here have necessarily been vacant for the 48 consecutive months required to be eligible for the Vacant Lot and Adaptive Re-Use Incentive Program.  While this inventory is provided as a reference for all vacant infill sites, properties that are actually eligible for incentives will vary.  Contact the Neighbourhood Planning Section at 975-7642 to confirm how long a property has been vacant.